But one day a mistress scolded him so hard that he hated school.

But one day a mistress scolded him so hard that he hated school. After that day, he would not go to school. He deliberately getting up late, he ate pancakes piles at breakfast and taking a shower for 2 hours. His parents, angry, decided to send to summer camp.

Titouan L. 2010-2011 Oasis For the little pig School of Guerche on 13/12/10 – 10:33 In Creation, Expression French On a farm there was a new pig. He walked around the farm. He saw a dog and asked, « Are you a pig too? Claire 2010-2011 More Loneliness By Ernest School of the Guerche 27/11/10 – 10:21 In Creation, Expression In a French castle lived a lady of three hundred and ninety to nine years . On his four hundred years she died.

Valentin 2010-2011 2 comments Good caramel sweets For School Guerche on 22/11/10 – 7:20 p.m. In Creation, Expression Guests came to see us on Wednesday afternoon. They brought good caramel sweets. Together, we played well.

It is time to eat the snack. It was a red fruit charlotte. Its good ! After we drank orange juice and apple juice. Romane 2010-2011 More On The Curb School of Guerche on 22/11/10 – 7:18 p.m.

In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading Last Saturday I went to the Curb. I looked at the list and saw that I rode Henquy of May I will see, it is not then I saddled the saddle. Nathalie is not there, there is a replacement.

Henquy afraid of the whip. When the instructor told to go trotting Henquy remained in step. The substitute gave me my whip and Henquy party is immediately trot because it is afraid of whips. Lisa 2010-2011 More Week empanadas For School Guerche on 30/10/10 – 9:07 In Creation, Life term cooperative class citizenship was started by the writer notebook.

The CM1 then made a math work on large numbers while studying the Ce 2 « in – an – em ». were then inverted math and French. In the afternoon, the Ce 2 went to the public library as we advanced our presentations. Later we went to the multipurpose room to the bodily expression. Thursday we made cooking, empanatidas cheesecake muffins Amazonian nuts. We asked other recipes in our Brazilian correspondents.

2010-2011 Learn more To make a frame leaves By School of the Guerche 30/10/10 – 8:33 In Creation, Expression Arts> Visual Arts 1 – pick and choose tree leaves in the colors of fall and flatten them in a large book; Axelle Romane 2010-2011 More There was once a farm by the School of Guerche 17/10/10 – 8:18 In Creation, Expression French He had pigs, chickens, cows, horses but there were no owners. The animals were feeding themselves. There was never any owners.

One day people arrive and want to make the farm a factory. The animals are frightened. A pig said, « but if they build a factory, there will be more firm. » The cow replied: « Yes there will be more firm, we will tell these people not to demolish our farm. » Flower 2010-2011 2 comments The mysterious apple For School Guerche on 16/10/10 – 2:32 p.m. In Creation, French Expression This is the story of a fruit, but not any fruit, a magical fruit.

Whoever eats it will become more beautiful than a prince charming. Plenty of people were trying but they could not because the squirrels throwing their nuts. 2010-2011 More Memories vacation For School Guerche on 16/10/10 – 2:57 p.m. In Creation, French phrase I’ll tell you my vacation.

I took the plane and I went to Morocco. Over there it’s hot, it’s 55 degrees and stayed at the hotel. After we went to the pool and bathed. Emma Loise Roman Louis 2010-2011 More « first last »
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet Technical October 1950 The French teaching has made some progress since the time he was twenty years ago, we bousculions the usual terminology irreverently highlighting the concept of technology working against the overuse and irrational methods.

At that time, indeed, any educational testing method was called pretentiously and we had pay someone to do assignment australia
our reading methods, methods of grammar or arithmetic or drawing. So much so that, in common usage was even said, not « take your book, » but « take your method. » We argued then that the method of word should be reserved for projects or theories that carry with them enough logic and safe perfection to claim the sustainability of any work constructed according to immutable and final rules and based on key principles that new discoveries may point to trouble.

Conceivably, we said, a method of education, that is to say an ideological conception able to defy time as defied time theoretical works of Rabelais, Montaigne and Rousseau. But with regard to the practical means to work according to this method, we are and we remain open trial and error. We hasardons that work techniques that we have to adjust constantly in the middle, local, children, especially tools we have and that influence our common behavior so radically workers.

This is why I dare to say then: We can refer to each other and to a method of education on which we are able to agree and whose principles apply everywhere and at all times, and we will try to define and specify the method in the light of all that has been achieved to date in this area. In this definition, we have to consider Rabelais, Montaigne and Rousseau, as that of Dewey, Decroly, Montessori and Ferriere.

But with regard to how each other have done or put their educational principles in the reality of their educational work, we will be forced to recognize firstly serious technical defect on the other hand the continuing need a readjustment of the proposed solutions. We will say: there is not one but a Montessori Montessori technique work elsewhere for setup and Montessori work tools, technical work that the emergence of new- tools such as printing at the school and trade, must modify the risk of soon, in 1955, a Montessori working technique was perfect and bold in 1920 but will delay dangerously on life in 1955.

We say that Decroly is not a method but a Decroly working technique, which was marked initially by the invention and adoption of new tools: the centers of interest and life, but that is outdated aujourd ‘hui by our discovery of the printing press to the School, free text, complex interests and interscholastic correspondence. No Cousinet method for the same reasons.

But Cousinet himself now admits that it is more logical to speak to regarding as for us, served technique work and characterized by the use of a new tool: the team. No Freinet method, but Freinet technique, characterized and served by the invention and made available to children and educators of a number of work tools that are upsetting the school activity, such as the emergence of new and effective tool disrupts the work of men.

But this technique work can never be definitive: it presupposes a long period of adjustment and stabilization in terms of new tools against which tradition can try to fight as she struggled against the Jacquard loom and the steam engine, but it will not be the reaction will triumph, because the reaction is always against progress. On the day we would have managed this adaptation, the same problems will rest, because new tools are there, ready to be introduced to the school to further upset when working techniques that we would wrong to hold for final.

The day, in fact, where the film, tape recorder and radio will be introduced at the school; the day the planes have further accelerated the pace of trading, the school will necessarily change the figure is likely to remain the School of self in the age of the aircraft and the « vampire ». I know, it is the teachers who will protest in the name of stability methods, the danger changes, hazards posed novelty and try to enforce the peace of a school at the beginning of the century, was the rhythm carts or coaches.

The trader also that ran once stock or make his rounds on his familiar cart, is not happy with the progress that forced him to part with his old horse to buy a car that is now outdated and that he must replace it with modern vehicles, faster, more convenient, more economical, commercially speaking. But such is the law of life and whoever sits prematurely on the wayside, never catches up with the flood of workers who exceed it. And anyone who no longer works, freezes and dies.

Our goal should not be to seek and find work techniques that satisfy the concerns of teachers that often, alas! no longer know how to experiment. Our duty is to serve the child to prepare him for life, and for that, even if our peace must suffer, we must mingle tied to life.

But one day a mistress scolded him so hard that he hated school.

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